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Introduction and Task Process Food and Nutrition Physical Well-being Emotional and Mental Well-being Environmental Evaluation and Conclusion

Visual Journey




In New Zealand, the media is constantly giving us messages about our well-being as a community. There are reported issues of obesity, self-esteem, environmental problems and being a nation of couch potatoes. Your mission is to find out if this is actually what is happening in our community and ways that we can improve things.





"Be the change you want to see in the world"

 Mohandas Gandhi

Your job as a group is to produce a booklet about Hauora (well-being) that will be sent home for you to share with your families and friends. Each person in your group will take a different aspect of well-being to research and then make a page for the booklet. Then you and your families can use the information in the booklet to see if there are areas where you could make some positive changes.



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Click here for Teachers and Parents - useful sites that have an adult reading age.




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